Sunday, July 10, 2016

10th July, 2016 Sunday School

Jack at his best in the summer drizzle this morning...but where's Henrietta?

Pretending to be a foxglove of course.

Zoe and Zelda are not so impressed with the weather...

but Henrietta is doing a rain dance.

All this before going to our first Sunday School session with Sandra once again. Today was more a consolidating session than anything else. Although we have been going for some weeks we have to remember that this only amounts to a week's worth of training or so.

This afternoon we were off to to Nichola's where she is now picking up Bertie's feet with ease...

The main purpose of our session was desensitisation work with Jess and Bertie (amazing assistant, Tracey working with Bertie). The value of this work is much wider than it might seem. Not only can it create a bombproof horse but it can prove to an owner that their horse is already bombproof which can have a massive effect on their own confidence. Jess certainly couldn't see what all the fuss was about! Bertie, a much lighter and livelier type of cob wasn't fazed either.