Tuesday, July 5, 2016

5th July, 2016 Lift and Separate

Henrietta has made some dramatic progress this week and, if I could, I would throw my arms around her. Today she allowed me to pick her left feet out with a hoofpick...

...and I am trying to pick her right feet up from the left and have made a good start. She has also let me rub her chest for the first time.

Afterwards she wanted to show me some new things that she has been working on...

I often make brassiere references in my training, most particularly talking about energy and the need to create intent through your body which may mean pointing everything at your horse including your "Madonna Bra". You probably need to be there for any of this to make sense. Anyway...the point was that we are lifting and separating Zoe and Zelda on alternate days...today was a separating day with each pony working alone, leaving the other in the field. Neither seems too worried any more.

After a lovely long ride this afternoon with Fabulous Intern, Nadia, it was time to make tracks for home. I caught up with just a few more New Forest ponies on the way home.