Friday, July 1, 2016

1st July, 2016 Cadre Noir

The only benefit of the accident I had in January, which probably doesn't outweigh the unremitting pain in my shoulders or the ongoing costs of remedial massage and painkillers, is that I was given a soft sling with Velcro ends. Today this has come in very handy as Henrietta's first formal headcollar although we still have some work to do on getting her used to the sound of the Velcro.

Zoe and Zelda have surpassed themselves again, both going into the barn for the first time and being mock tied. Zelda wasn't at all sure about going into the barn but three quiet circuits and out again behind her field mate and she was fine. Both had their feet picked up and were also taught to come in to the pressure of the lead reins which were threaded through the tie up ring on the barn wall and back to the human hand.

Back out in the field we practiced leading one behind the other, changing places and direction, and the distance between ponies.

Then we felt ready for short excursion out onto the Forest to see how they might feel about going out for a walk.

They did so well that we decided to take them for a longer walk in the inclosure just across the open Forest.

"What a lovely surprise to log into you journal and see my girls already doing so well in the barn and field. Nearly fell off my chair though when I saw the pics of them out in the forest – absolutely amazing – totally thrilled – they looked like they were having a great time too. I always had faith that they were nice ponies and you’re doing a wonderful job. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me😊"
The donkeys at Godshill seem to have an uncanny knack of being able to predict when the tourists are due to arrive for the weekend. They congregate at The Fighting Cocks Public House and often form a chicane along the busy B3078. Fortunately they are not very flighty and not spooked by the endless photographers and gaggles of children that gather around them although they do just stand in the road when they feel like it.