Friday, July 8, 2016

8th July, 2016 News Blackout

All the black horses today, starting with Arash, who has recently been gelded. When he is not fuelled by testosterone he is a sweet natured, affectionate horse and so Tamsyn has this to look forward to on a permanent basis.

He may have lost his assets but he has gained a new stable, light and airy with a high roof. This makes working on his bridle-shyness even easier and it is really going well. He only lifts his head up momentarily and would certainly be live-able with.

Quote of the day from Nadia, as we approached the yard gate to leave, "And now is the time for me to shine, you do your thing, I'll do mine!"

Zoe and Zelda for this afternoon turned into just Zoe. Zoe stood happily in the barn to be groomed on her own for the first time. She was also completely unfazed by rosettes, a tinsel 'sash', and a flag. We started work on asking her to accept being bathed. However, out in the paddock, where we asked her to go into trot it became clear that she was unsound, and a couple of hours and a vet visit later she's on the sick list for a few days with an abscess in her right hind foot. It's a testament to her temperament that she was so good about everything else and even willing to go into trot.