Friday, July 8, 2016

9th July, 2016 A Little Flutter on the Horses

With Zoe on sick leave, testing my poulticing skills, it was Zelda's turn to go into the barn on her own and to experience the rosettes. On the whole she is more cautious than Zoe and so she hesitated before going into the barn. She wasn't so sure about the rosettes fluttering against her face either and this is a useful reminded to anyone who goes showing to make sure that their pony is fine with a rosette attached to their head wear: no-one wants to lose their placing and have to leave the ring because their pony has reacted badly to the rosette they are asked to wear.

Henrietta has now met the rasp and accepted it being used on her feet.

This afternoon we went over to Parley to help Lou and Lorraine to load Bear and Jack to go their new field on the bright side of the road. However, that road is so busy that it just isn't sensible to lead two young ponies along it. They both loaded really easily and travelled together.

They are both looking really well and full of life.
" made the move so much less stressful, ponies seem to have settled really quickly." LM