Tuesday, July 19, 2016

19th July, 2016 Who Dares Wins

The ponies on the green at Woodgreen this morning were the polar opposites of Emporer Penguins that huddle together for warmth. Instead they huddle together in the only available shade close to water trying to keep cool and palming insects off onto each other.

Latecomers may not find much room.

This morning we played a version of Nick Knowles' "Who Dares Wins" to decide whether Bertie's first farrier would make it on to The List of farriers that are particularly nice to young horses just learning to balance themselves. We are happy to tell you that he is definitely on The List. Even though he was absolutely boiling in the heat, he was very patient and quiet around Bertie who now has beautiful feet.

Zoe, Zelda and Jack all had a bath this afternoon with Henrietta supervising the quality of care. Later she was a chaperone for Zelda first and then Zoe as their opposite number went out for a walk with Jack. Neither pony seemed concerned about leaving the other or indeed being left. Both were happy to walk and trot as asked and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We accost any stray humans that we find and ask them to pat the ponies like a judge might.

Good to have our Fantastic Summer Intern back even if it is only another week before her next holiday!