Thursday, July 7, 2016

7th July, 2016 Fiery Temperament

Our Fabulous Summer Intern and I went to the Lyndhurst Fire Station today originally to observe the Animal Rescue Team training. However, it was too good an opportunity for our FSI to begin her acting career and so she joined Tracey and Barbara on the set. I was scripted to be the 'annoying photographer', getting in the way and taking pictures of everything. No change there then. Officers from Cheshire, Northamptonshire, South Wales, and Hampshire took part.

Quote of the day from Barbara, "Are you sure I can't call my vet, he was really good with my rabbit?!"

Nadia met Blue and Nelly, and their friend Exmoor, on our way.

Later we took Zoe and Zelda out for a relaxing walk and checked on their all-terrain abilities. Both ponies have lived out on the Forest as foals, one being born there and the other turned out, and both seem very at home in this setting.