Saturday, October 10, 2015

10th October, 2015 Born on the Lawn

Pretty shattered this evening after two full days which started off steadily enough. A beautiful ride on a beautiful morning with Tracey, both horses enjoying two good canters.

Let's go and see what food they've got for us...

...just some pesky saddles

Tack inspection

King's Garn Inclosure
Early afternoon and another successful session with Kathryn and BB, ending with Kathryn on board and riding off lead in the sunny round pen.

At sun down we headed towards Sandown for a talk for the Isle of Wight BHS. A very good turnout and plenty of interest kept me talking for two hours, illustrated by pictures of some of the horses I have worked with.

"A huge big fat 'Thank You' especially from me to you & also from the IW BHS committee. What a lady......what a night......what a fundraiser! Thanks also to your lovely David for his technical assistance & bunting retrieval!xXx" AD
"...what a fab and very entertaining evening last night you were great. Sorry never got to say goodbye but you were engulfed with people." DW
" Your talk on Friday night was excellent, you talked with great confidence about your work and the ponies and horses that you meet on the way, showing a wide range of types and problems that you have turned into success stories. We really enjoyed it. Hope other people will seek your help to make their pony’s life better." JB
" was brilliant" KA
"...congratulations for speaking for two hours without a break and keeping the whole audience captivated throughout! I liked the "letters idea" to connect the cases. I also liked that you touched on how/where your approach differs from Monty and Parelli. I've seen both in action and would have liked to hear more about what you agree/disagree with however I realise there wasn't enough time. Thank you to your (I believe very patient) husband as well." BEA
"I came along to your talk on the isle of wight on Friday with my daughter and we thoroughly enjoyed it, we talked all the way home about your methods!" LF
"Very enjoyable and interesting evening! I could of easily sat and listened for another two hours. Thank you x" JM
Handily we stayed overnight at Jane's hotel where I have been working with her ponies all day. The key to today's session, particularly with Mollie, who was born on the lawn, was not to rush.

"Thank you for another brilliant day, we achieved so much. I am so pleased with Pie who seems to have made such a lot of overall progress and it was lovely that we spent extra time with him today. Mollie achieved everything that was asked of her in the agility course and also made it clear that your help & skills are still very much needed. We only asked one thing of Mairi, to walk through the tunnel of which she did without hesitation, such an honest little pony.. Very happy that they all went through the tunnel, especially Pie with the noise behind him." JB
Sunset again and just reached home.