Tuesday, October 13, 2015

13th October, 2015 When You're Swinging On a Star

I haven't seen this little face in person for seven years since I halter trained him with his owner, Diana. At that time he had travelled all the way from Somerset as a 'reject' Exmoor, even though he is a pure bred, because of the big white star in the centre of his face. He arrived in a headcollar which was beginning to dig into his face and he didn't want anyone to touch him because he was still wild.

He went on to feature on page thirteen of my book, No Fear, No Force.

Today I set off across the beautiful South Downs to spend the day with him, Diana, and her wonderful friend, Rachael who has taken over some of his day to day care and training.

Far from the timid pony of seven years ago he is now a characterful and brave pony, curious about everything new and giving everything a go. All the same it was a very emotional day for all of us as he is still a sensitive soul, no doubt influenced by his earlier life and experiences.

"Had an absolutely amazing, overwhelming, emotional and special day today.  Thank you so much Diana for such a wonderful gift & thanks to Brynn for never ceasing to surprise me & inspire me. You really do please my soul. xx beyond happy" RP 

"I think this is my favourite. Because if you could hear me silently screaming "wooohoooo!!!" You'd smile too. Honestly at that very moment I thought my face might burst. He was absolutely brilliant. Just brilliant:)" RP
"I feel exactly the same way quite overwhelmed and thank you for such a lovely really can't believe what you both achieved." DW