Thursday, October 29, 2015

29th October, 2015 The A List

A well earned holiday so a period of bloglessness ahead. The only appropriate testcard has to feature Henrietta who is now letting me gently stroke her neck and chest.

I have three main reasons for writing this blog:
  • Alzheimer's - runs in my family and, unless something else gets me first, I am highly likely to suffer from it in the future. I am hoping that David will stuff a laptop in front of me, or give me my blog-books to look at so that I can read about this woman that I once knew and all the horses that she met and worked with.  
  • Advice - I want to share the things that horses teach and occasionally say something contraversial.
  • Audience - writing is an essential outlet for me, but I am always aware that I am writing for an audience and it really helps me to major my thoughts. 
"We haven't met...but, after reading your book a few years ago then recently discovering your lovely blog, I just wanted to drop you a line. It's a 'fan-letter' really, for several reasons. Firstly, I'm really enjoying reading the blog (including working my way through the archives!) - its well-written, humorous, down-to-earth, beautifully photographed, and full of really useful and inspiring info on your methods. Secondly, it's a fascinating insight into life on the forest and forest ponies, something I knew very little about having lived a lot of my life up here in North Wales. Thirdly, I love that you work with the feral ones - and the donkeys and mules!
I also love that you advocate using a range of methods, depending on what suits the horse and the situation. It's all great, and I'm so glad that you're out there doing what you do, as well as sharing it with us all via the blog." LD