Saturday, October 3, 2015

3rd October, 2015 Balls

Saturdays are following a regular-ish pattern with Nettles first out of the station with Julie on board. They had a lovely trot up to Longcross today and he came back full of the joys of er...autumn.

You know it's autumn when the pannage pigs are out. Kesali happily long reined between two of them this morning giving me the opportunity to give this one a lovely scratch.

Amber came over for a groundwork lesson with Theoden and then came over to meet Kathryn and BB with us. I'm hoping she is going to be a regular visitor as she has a brilliant sense of humour. She says she loves to travel. Fritham is fairly exotic isn't it?

Back to Kerslake to work with BB again. Her new saddle is going to go back so she's wearing one of mine temporarily just for long reining practice.

She proved herself to be totally unflappable and not all that intrigued by the ball.

Once again we worked on her trot and now she's happily letting Kathryn trot along behind/beside her.