Friday, October 23, 2015

23rd October, 2015 Pas de Toss!

A great consolidating session with BB today. It's good to remember how important consolidation and maintenance are in building solid foundations for later work and adding to a horse's confidence and trust. BB can be a little sticky around the gate, with the odd tail swish and intimation of a buck, and we needed to avoid reinforcing that. So we worked on always having a plan for what we were doing next and making sure that rests and the final stop did not come at the gate. Tip of the week: ask anyone who is watching your session to move away from the gate so that they don't make it look like a good place for a pony party.

Fashion scarf: Kathryn Borrill: Hair by Debbie at Reflections

Ordinarily I don't like other women chasing after my man but today's ménage à trois was completely intentional. Last time Catherine and Ami met a motorbike out on the road, he dropped his shoulder, dropped his rider, span and left leaving Catherine to trot along the road after him. Needless to say she was apprehensive about today's session. We started off in hand and then under saddle. Ami grew calmer and calmer and more and more confident about the motorbike and Catherine was absolutely amazing. We had to be pretty cautious because although we were working in an enclosed area, it was on a hard surface and between buildings where the sound of the motorbike resonanted quite strongly.