Saturday, October 24, 2015

24th October, 2015 Sinceramente, Intensamente, Profundamente

They say that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plains but today it was meant to fall mainly on us. Fortunately it chose not to since we were hosting a Handling the Wild Pony Course for Vikki and two young women from the Basque region of Spain who had come over just for the day! Vikki, who has lived there and worked with horses for 30 years had her work cut out as she had to watch it, do it, and then translate it into Spanish. Vino proved to be a fantastic teacher being quiet enough for students to work with but still technical enough to ask some serious questions and to test their ability. Amazing that at 22 he is willing to co-operate at all. 

Remiss of me not to mention the amazing four layered chocolate cake with extra chocolate on it produced by Lisa and devoured by all of us.

Update 25.10.15: I've been waiting for permission from the father of the two youngest students to use their pictures and what a picture they make. Nora and Julie, aged 14 and 16, were two exceptional students and their work was just lovely to watch. Vikki has helped to turn them into thoughtful and empathetic horsewomen although they were already on their way there having rescued two horses desitined for meat.

The aptly named, Amigo, wonders if he can take part.

"Thank you so much for our Saturday- it was just right and exactly what we needed. Please thank Lisa and Vino from us." VC 
"We had a lovely time with you. Thank you for everything." J and N C