Thursday, October 29, 2015

29th October, 2015 Brave Pants

Since my first visit to see Firdy just a few weeks ago he has apparently been a lot calmer about new objects and was better with the farrier. However, he is still quite a spooky little horse. Today we expanded the desensitisation work that we did with him last time and by the end he was going around a course of novel objects. We'll make a police horse out of him yet.

Yep, that's okay
and that's not so bad...

but you can't touch my front foot.

Well if you insist...

I can even bear to look.
That one's fine and I might even look quite cheerful about it.
Plastic bags, they're not too bad either.
I'm sure this was narrower last time round.
That makes me pull my tummy in...
...and means that I can fit through there.
"Just wanted to thank you for a great session. Really enjoying them." SS