Monday, October 5, 2015

5th October, 2015 Saddled With It

This morning I witnessed the age old debate between a saddle fitter and an equine therapist where one insists and demonstrates that a saddle fits, and the other insists and demonstrates that it does not. Sadly both parties were not present so the owner, just trying to do their very best for their horse, is pushed into being piggy in the middle and the go-between for the two. How I wish we could just get them together, shove them in a stable with the door closed, and say sort it out and don't come out until you have. To be fair the saddle fitter has left the saddle with the owner to try for another couple of weeks (it certainly wasn't this saddle that caused the horse to be sore) and has asked that the therapist puts their concerns in writing. Meanwhile the owner and I will monitor the horse very closely to assess their reaction to the saddle.

The inside of a treed saddle, brought out to illustrate how a tree works, never looks very pretty.