Wednesday, August 10, 2016

10th August, 2016 Starting As We Mean to Go On

Brio started off at exactly the same point as we left off last week, thanks to some twice daily practice by his owner. Even better, the tack locker has been removed from the inside of the horsebox allowing him much more room to travel diagonally if he wants to.

The next step was to persuade him to go into the box itself...

...although he would take a couple of steps in, he found it difficult to work out where his body needed to go in order to fit inside...

...I worked on turning him on the grass at the bottom of the ramp before repeating it inside the horsebox.

Knowing that he had leapt off the ramp the last time he was travelled in a lorry the safest thing to do in this instance was to put myself in a safe position and let him work it out for himself...

Although he rushed a little, the panels, set well back from the ramp, encouraged him not to go from the top to the bottom and on his third repeat he did put all four feet onto it.

Back at the fields we were surrounded by New Forest ponies, all of which are looking really well.

I was reminded of how lucky we are to have the Verderers' Office and their Agisters when I needed to let them know that this donkey looks very lame. Everyone looks out for everyone else on the Forest and a quick call to the office should mean that she is attended to very quickly.