Monday, August 1, 2016

1st August, 2016 Squeaky Feet

I'd left it a bit late to find my Forest ponies ready for the farrier today. For the last two days they have been hiding from the heat and the insects in a shade of trees at Longcross but of course today dawned much cooler and fresher and they were nowhere to be seen.

I felt like Phoebe in Friends when she said that squeaky shoes made her think, "Not, not, mine, not, not, mine" as I scanned all the ponies that I could see. Some were the wrong colour and much too short...

... others were the right size but dapple grey instead of blue roan.

Going out on foot Jemima and I found them about a mile away from home...

...caught them and brought them back.

Much easier at the other end of their visit when with neat feet, new reflective collars and hi-vis streamers, they could just be let out of the gate to find their own way back to their friends.