Monday, August 29, 2016

29th August, 2016 Ribbons and Bows

The culmination of five weeks of training, a few hours of bathing and grooming, and a lot of help from friends and supporters, Zoe and Zelda went to the New Forest Pony Breed Show today and both brought home ribbons.

From left to right: Berry (grooming assistant and supporter), John and Pat (pretend judges); Fritham Zelda, Sarah (showing practice and showing handler); Wendy (owner, groomer and producer of many products); me (chief trainer); Julie (assistant trainer); Fritham Zoe; Carla (showing practice and showing handler); Tracey (assistant trainer); Penny and John (breeders of Fritham ponies).

First in the Forest Bred class

Second, along with Zelda, in the pairs class.

"Thank you so much to all of you for helping me achieve this. I can’t stress enough that today is all about having fun and making the showing experience a positive one for ponies/ everyone concerned." WJ