Sunday, August 14, 2016

14th August, 2016 Flutter Your Wings Tinkerbell and Fly!

I was held up by fairies for twenty minutes this morning as I tried to negotiate Burley, which prompted this reply from Sandra when I told her I was going to be late.

Burley Fairy Festival
Honey was having a week off following a visit from the Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist who found that there was some pre-existing soreness in her thoracic region and shoulder. She's been given homework including pole-work and stretches and should be able to work, gently, again next week.

To improve confidence I ask Iona to trot but then let my reins slip through my hands so that she isn't 'chased' and doesn't come up against a stop in the reins.
We worked on improving Iona's confidence in the trot, especially the transition itself. She's been reluctant to go forward on her own or with someone at her head but we were wary of pushing her on with body language from behind with a rider on board as we have spent all this time convincing her that she is not in trouble when someone comes up behind her. This work has paid off as in fact she went into trot easily and calmly each time we used it today. Working on the trot has also improved her walk no end.

Very happy rider, again!