Tuesday, August 30, 2016

29th August, 2016 Reflections

It's fair to say that when I met Zelda and Zoe for the first time it was chaos. They were all over people like a rash, knocking into them, moving them around, but refusing to move themselves. Just two beautiful girls in herd mode. Over the weeks that they were with me we taught them to lead, to stand still, to pick their feet up, be tied up, to accept creams, sprays, and water, to walk on different terrain, to relax about new, novel, noisy, challenging, and colourful things, accepting strangers, to be separated, and we practiced loading. Yesterday their behaviour was amazing for two, two-year olds at their very first show and a big one at that. The stood around from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., grazing from time to time, and being held by various people, without fretting or pawing, pushing or pulling. I'm really proud of them.

"I'm sitting here, looking up at 'our' silver salver and rosettes which are currently occupying pride of place on my mantle and I'm reminded of just how far we had come in a very short space of time. Whilst ribbons and cups and winning are all very lovely, looking back at the show, my strongest recollections will always be of how beautifully behaved they were and how unfazed by everything that was asked of them. What a fabulous end to an amazing five week journey. I can honestly say through your intelligent approach my Zee Gees have gone from Zero to Heroes - without fear without force. I have no concerns at all for the future as I am secure in the knowledge that we are in the right path - and that is the greatest prize of all." WJ