Friday, August 26, 2016

26th August, 2016 The Invisibility Cloak

Five horses to work with turned into four today when Honey made it very plain that not only didn't she want her girth done up but she didn't really want to be touched much either (threatening to bite and one occasion actually biting). Another visit from the physio and some further investigations needed since the gastroscope was absolutely clear. It can be an expensive and exasperating business trying to find out what lies behind a horse's behaviour but the fact that it is intermittent proves that it is not normal. When she's sweet, she's very very sweet.

We made some good progress with Iona instead, trotting circles in both directions with Sandra on board.

Pat and John took their roles as pony judges very seriously today, turning up dressed up to the nines, complete with fancy hats for the occasion. They thorough inspected and said knowledgeable things about both ponies.

Ivy made my day by accepting the sweet itch rug and appearing to love it. Putting it on had to be done with some delicacy but she showed no fear of the rug itself. I watched her moving about in it for about half an hour in the barn before turning her out.