Tuesday, August 23, 2016

23rd August, 2016 Ivy League

Little Ivy continues to make significant progress each day, deliberately offering her right side towards me on a number of occasions today and resting her head in my hands. The rub at the base of her forelock seems to have been a bit of an ice breaker. I also put a real headcollar on her for the first time today although it was a ghastly colour and led her using the scarf on her noseband. I also picked up her two left feet. Beyond all of that though was a major step towards wearing a sweet itch rug - it's not just Olympians who can carry a Union Jack with pride.

Work with Zoe and Zelda can seem very routine and it easy to forget that these two Fritham bred ponies are only two years old.  We took them out on the Forest today to practise our walking and trotting so that they don't become ring sour. 

Marvellous progress with Magic this afternoon with two more students, Katie and Karen. Katie is the owner of three free-living New Forest ponies, and Karen who came all the way from Suffolk, has a semi-feral, seven year old Welsh pony mare to train. These two had just the right approach and great timing and succeeded in doing a lot of work with human hands on Magic, and all down her right hand side which had been off limits.