Saturday, August 6, 2016

6th August, 2016 Really Going Somewhere

Honey was such a good girl for her session this morning, and even took her first pee under saddle. It's a signifies quite a degree of trust in the rider from a sensitive mare.

A first for Iona too, trotting with a rider for the first time.

A long drive from one end of the Forest to Stonehenge and beyond this afternoon to work with Archie who is worried about being loaded.

He's going to be travelling with a full width breast bar and breech bar but I do wish manufacturers would think about the ease with which you can load the horse and put the bar up when it won't move flush to the ramp. Fortunately Archie seems to be well aware of it is - up or down!

Clockwise from top left: Introducing the three click system, waiting quietly inside the trailer, backing out calmly. mock bar, running foot, and real bar being put in place.

A dog called Possum!

"The pictures were all excellent. Being a bloke I have just sussed out the reason for using clicker rewards as they do not convey any emotion whereas if I talk he can assess my emotional state. Glad you liked Archie...I think we achieved a lot during today’s session. Thank you - We can see a way forward with your help in making a stressful experience more acceptable. PS Excellent report." RJ