Thursday, August 25, 2016

25th August, 2016 Six of the Best

A really long day with horses from start to finish. Before I began I pulled over at a New Forest 'hat', the name for a small clump of trees, in order to take pictures of the ponies as they arrived to shade for the day.


Just down the road, Sandra's horse, Honey, was being massaged before being ridden and seemed to really appreciate it.

Clearly she is not concerned about fly spray as Sandra goes in with all guns blazing...

Ivy made even more progress, allowing me into her right hand side and to work on both of her ears...

...and on our last course for now, Magic finished with a headcollar on and off nine times. Great that Sarah and Amanda were present at the very first course and now for the last.

They also came up to the fields with Carla, to practice for the show on Monday.