Monday, October 10, 2016

10th October, 2016 Arizona Desert

This morning it was off to see the camels again. I am in heaven when I am with them. They are both so affectionate and just a camel shaped parcel of emotions. I rode ex-polo pony, Arizona, who was so quiet that I could carry my big camera whilst on board.

I always like to earn my keep so helped out by feeding the pigs, poo-picking the camels, mucking out a bit, and levelling the school. I also helped Charlotte to find a way to catch her lovely Thoroughbred, Whizz, who sometimes says that the grass is far nicer than coming in for the morning.

Mars has an urgent appointment at the vets to see if he has gastric ulcers. I was asked to be there to help load him. As he arrived in a trailer and we don't know whether he has ever travelled in a horsebox, I had some doubts as to whether he would load straight away so fortunately took my panels with me.

When he wouldn't go in we moved to a grassy area and put the panels up rather than miss his arrival slot at the vets. Better that than someone try to be helpful with more forceful methods of loading.