Monday, October 31, 2016

31st October, 2016 Very Happy Halloween

Nothing to lift a misty morning more than a few nuts with b├ęchamel sauce, double cream and vanilla frosting. The pigs were very pleased to see me.

The alpaca was not so sure. He hasn't quite got over the 'jet-lag' caused by the clocks going back over the weekend.

If you're going to be a turkey, then this is the place to be one, especially at this time of year. This one will see his way through to the New Year and well beyond.

The new alpacas have settled in well and are learning about meal times. They may be put off by the sheep but they have seen off Lloyd the llama.

After the three of us rode out on the horses, it's time to exercise the camels. Martine and Charlotte set off at a trot...

...up the glorious avenue of trees.

Next it's my turn to ride Temojin, and fortunately I have batons of carrot in my pocket...

...we hacked along the river...

...and gazed down the valley. Temojin wasn't interested in pooh-sticks, he just wanted to eat the tree.