Tuesday, October 4, 2016

4th October, 2016 Plain Sailing

Off to the Isle of Wight again this morning to catch up with Jane and her three ponies.

Mairi is officially retired on ill-health grounds but can still enjoy a walk around the grounds.

Pie was due for a visit from the fantastic Chris Pearce, a vet who now specialises entirely in horse's teeth. He does some amazing work including fillings for horses, and has done more to draw attention to equine dental problems than anyone else in the country. His Facebook page at The Equine Dental Clinic highlights many of the more extreme cases and has some fascinating footage of things that he finds and the treatment that he carries out; really educational. With one in three horses in trouble with their teeth it brings home the need for good practices including the use of the dental gag and sedatives in order to do a proper job.

A lovely afternoon with Mollie who, at the age of three, was long reined for the first time.