Friday, October 28, 2016

28th October, 2016 Irksome

As a international journalist, Hazel (Southam) is used to being thwarted in her efforts to get to a story and to needing a 'fixer' at all times. This morning we were both thwarted by Henrietta who refused to go into the trailer and stay there. For me, I was just delighted that at one stage she backed out, pressing against me with her hindquarters, and chose not to kick. I shall however, give her another go and then come up with a plan B.

Fortunately Jack doesn't mind going without her and was met with a disgruntled neigh-bray when he got back.

Puffin, on the other hand, has excelled herself, loading to go and to come back, with her owner today. Sarah was able to enjoy a relaxing ride with friends.

Just a reminder that Hazel's book, My Year with a Horse, is available from all good book shops and makes a lovely Christmas present...