Saturday, October 1, 2016

1st October, 2016 Sparks Flying

Some essential maintenance for the panels today which have a hard life not because of their interaction with horses but, like my car tyres, because of their interaction with uneven ground, and finding their way around the countryside. No one pays for David's time repairing bits of kit or inventing new things but it's worth taking into account his time as well as mine when determining value for money. Apart from the initial outlay for the panels, we try to keep costs down. David is using a welder he bought as part of a job lot of tools which cost £70 in 1990, work overalls circa 2000, and the work horses were bought from the Vicar Of Lyndhurst in 1986 by my landlord.

These panels continue to work when I'm not around and help to establish a flow for horses that won't even consider engaging with the quietest of training. The day comes when they are no longer needed because they are no longer needed.