Monday, October 3, 2016

3rd October, 2016 The Big Breakfast Moment

You may recall Paula Yates' interview with Michael Hutchence on the Big Breakfast many years ago. It felt voyeuristic watching someone falling in love with someone in that moment. Typical that when such a moment happened to me that it was with a camel that I called George while I was in Kenya.

Whilst all of the other camels went down to the river to drink, had a roll in the sand, and then went off to graze on the trees, George went for a drink, had a roll in the sand, and then came and found me for a quiet moment before he went off to eat the trees.

Ever since then I have had a yearning for a camel of my own and recently started to look for somewhere where I could get experience in how to look after them and how to read their body language. With ears that give little away, and teeth that always stick out, I wanted to know how they tick.

A very kind friend has put me in touch with someone locally who cares for two camels, Bactrians rather than dromedaries. This morning I went on a fact finding mission to meet them and make friends with them. I didn't expect to be given the opportunity to photograph them...or to have such close contact with them but I was thrilled to bits to be able to.

Timujin, used to belong to a travelling circus for the first nine years of his life 

Therese was bred by the Chipperfields and has been in her current home for 18 years since she was a yearling

Timujin likes to closely supervise room service...

and they both have an extensive wardrobe having appeared at the Royal Opera House, the Lord Mayor's Parade, and the local church nativity

The chain halter is for emergencies only, and does nothing once have their bridle on.

The home horses (Arizona in this case) are unperturbed by their presence...

but new horses can't believe their eyes
This is how to get horses to have their ears forward when having their photographs taken
Charlotte and Martine with Timujin and Therese
I was honoured to be allowed to ride Therese...
and really didn't attempt to steal them

They were very gentle and affectionate (and so was I)