Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5th October, 2016 A Mars a Day

Jessica, Nichola's coloured cob, proved to be a great long reining teacher having been a driving horse previously.

Nichola was able to practice her angles and body language... 

...before going in and out of some improvised cones.

Next it was young Bertie's turn in weather that was far from ideal. Hurricane Matthew seems to have moved to the Forest.

Nichola went through the preparation exercises on her own...

...before I set him off on double reins using the fence-line to encourage him to stay straight.

Meanwhile Flo made herself useful by continuing the work with Jessica... that we could finish in tandem - noting that you have to leave a long gap between horses when you have the reins on the floor.

Later we worked with Flo's own horse who has had his saddle checked again...

...Flo was very happy to be back in it!