Saturday, October 22, 2016

22nd October, 2016 The Horse in the Camelhair Coat

A misty sort of morning up at the fields. The horses seemed very happy to be back in the big field.

This is Sarah's concentrating face. It is a month since we did out first session with Puffin so we wondered whether we might be back at square one. Not only did she load easily...

... but we were soon putting up the back bar...

...and the ramp itself.

She's certainly a lovely girl. She is due to practice again on Monday and then go off on her first journey on Friday.

Sammy originally came from Ireland and although we cannot be certain that he is a Connemara, he is definitely a Celtic boy. He is such a beautiful colour and a very quiet, amiable pony too. Today I worked on his groundwork out on the open Forest and woodland tracks and I am delighted to have been asked to keep him ticking over over the winter months.