Tuesday, October 18, 2016

18th October, 2016 Kulu Art

Loading two old acquaintances, Teddy and Tequila,  this morning after their period on loan had come to an end. One of those situations in which loading in a hurry, in a worry,  or in an emergency can lead to some terrible decisions about how to load a reluctant horse. In this case Molly had bypassed all of that by making use of me and my panels. Load and go situations are never easy but having a safe place to work can take all of the the tension out. Incidentally, without rushing at all and only Molly's Mum, Sarah, and I working together, it took just 30 minutes to load both ponies.  Tracey was at a travel fayre at school, learning all about Kulu Art.

By the afternoon we had our act back together and so enjoyed another adventure walk around the inclosure with Henry and Jack.