Thursday, October 13, 2016

13th October, 2016 The Regular Commute

Henrietta seems to have registered the fact that getting into the trailer brings a double reward of food and going into the inclosure. She was very eager to go in this morning. We had a very enjoyable walk exploring some of the depths of the woodland and contemplating the fact that in years gone past, Henry VIII would have ordered the timber cleared in order to build his ships.

Just time for a fond farewell on the platform before it was time for the off again.

Living into the countryside isn't without it's troubles with street-fighting always around the corner.
We don't often get carol singers, charity collections or MORI pollsters down our track but today I was asked to complete a diary of my radio listening habits by the man who turns out to be the father of the sculptor of the fantastic War Horse Memorial in Romsey. Her work can be found at Amy Goodman